A little bit about us…

If you are on our site then you probably love pizza as much as we do. Thanks for visiting us!

We’re a London based pizza van business and here you will find information about our up and coming events where you will find us serving exceptionally good quality wood-fired pizzas from our fold-out pizza van.

All of our pizzas are produced with great love, care and flair by Aussie Brit Mike, and served by Gav, who provides plenty of friendly scouse charm and a big bearded smile with every order.

Our light dough recipe is a simple mix of water, salt, fresh yeast and a blend of flours allowing for a longer, room temperature fermentation, no less than 30 hours. If there were “secret ingredients”, they would be passion, patience and repetition. We pride ourselves on the taste and quality and try to stay seasonal with our menus – you will not be disappointed.

We’re based in London but travel all over! We can offer a service in markets, festivals, events, parties, weddings and just about anywhere as we are very flexible and want to make sure that whatever you are planning, you are able to enjoy the very best quality pizzas made for you on-site. We also offer a portable oven stall set-up for events where the pizza van cannot access.

The story so far

Gav and Mike met at a pub where Mike was the manager and Gav was a local.  Fast forward a few years. They both moved up the road with their other halves Gwen & Lizzie (pizza widows).

In December 2015  Gav happened across a pizza van (that used to be a horse box) while searching online for a camper van. Curiosity got the better of him so he clicked…then he sent the link to Mike, half joking...

You see Mike has dreamt for a long time about having his own pizza business. Mike even went to Naples to learn the trade with the help of a Neapolitan friend and has been making his own dough and designing epic pizza topping combinations for many years. Mike bought his very own pizza oven and dough mixer and has been hosting regular pizza nights for friends.

Back to the van... long story short, they bought it and here we are.