We Have A New Name!

We are changing our name from Pop Up Pizza to Wandercrust! We have been overwhelmed with the great feedback and support we have received from everyone since we set up in January this year and have had some brilliant (and amusing but not suitable!) name suggestions. Here are winner and the runners up:


Wandercrust – we just loved this as soon as we saw it as it really captures our love of food and travel – especially Pizza! We see it as reflecting our passion for seeking out new and wonderful food and that we really want to find new and exciting places to share our amazing pizzas. Big thanks to Alex for the suggestion – how are we ever going to repay you? Oh – hang on! We can give you 5 FREE PIZZAS!

Keep an eye out for our new website and Facebook page coming very soon.

We have also updated our Twitter and Instagram usernames but don’t worry, this won’t affect our lovely followers – the transition is seamless (so Twitter tells us!).

Runners up

Partizan Pizza – We loved this and it came a close second as it reflects how we feel about trying to be a bit different in what we do and how we make pizza. We work really hard to follow traditional Neapolitan values in our pizza making process but we also want to do this with our own twist. We will continue to do this and so massive thanks to Danny Spencer for the suggestion – you get 2 FREE PIZZAS!

Pizza Prophets – We also loved this as we know how good proper handmade Neapolitan pizzas can be compared to what we have all got used to over the years and we don’t think we need to put up with sub-standard food that has been made with money rather than quality in mind. We want to change the expectations we all have of pizza and spread the word! We did think, however, that it was a bit too close to Pizza Pilgrims, who have blazed the trail for us in changing pizza and for that we will always be very grateful to them. Thanks to Season Bakery for the suggestion – you also get 2 FREE PIZZAS!

Other suggestions were:

The Cart with the Heart – We love this as it reflects the passion that goes into all that we do but is a bit long and could be unclear.

Pizza Vanguard – We like to think we are at the forefront of pizza and we make them in a van so loved it but wasn’t quite right.

Pizza Meantime – Loved it and would be right up there if it wasn’t for a certain brewery that got there before us.

Flatbred truck – We liked this but thought that it wasn’t clear about what we did.

Pizza C*nts – Thanks for this. We found it funny and might be true but thought that it might marginalise our customer base.

Jesus Crust – We really liked this but again thought that might not be the case with all of our customers.

Pizza cats – We love pizza and we love cats but not sure we like them together.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions – they really mean a lot to us and for all of your support. We hope you like our new name and that we can build Wandercrust into something really special with you all.